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Expanding the Herd

Greetings students, members and fans of the FCEA!

I write to you on the eve of a New Moon in Taurus. Here at the FCEA, we are firming our soil, planting the seeds, in order to lay a solid foundation. We look forward to offering more courses, and to positive growth for our school, in the months ahead. I’d like to share with you a little about our Tutor Training Program and our new tutors teaching this spring. Taurus the Bull says we can make it stable and real. And it is through our tutors and their skills in instruction and guidance, that we can make it happen. I am so grateful for their time, commitment and passion for evolutionary astrology and for the FCEA. Both Mercury and Venus are now in Gemini, so let me share with you a little friendly and welcoming introduction to my colleagues, the three talented tutors on board now: Marie O’Neill, Joey Paynter and Teal Rowe. All three are Master-certified through Steven’s Apprenticeship Program.

“Encounters with soul-friends arise, and can calm your jagged nerves. Opportunities to Walk in Beauty.”

– Steven Forrest, Moon in Taurus, The Book of Earth: Making It Real.

We are proud to announce our first soul-friend, Marie O’Neill, is the author of a new book “…And The Lotus Opened.” Founder of Padma Life Coaching, in Santa Rosa, California, Marie has an MBA and has many years of experience as a Life Coach, Astrologer, Speaker Coach, Past Life Regression facilitator and lecturer. She is a Distinguished Toastmaster through Toastmasters International and serves on the Board of Directors with TEDx Sonoma County. In addition, Marie lectures at numerous Astrology conferences. Marie says her passion is helping others achieve their dreams, goals and to shine brightly in the world.

Our next tutor and soul-friend, Joey Paynter, just earned her Ph.D. in depth psychology with an emphasis in Jungian and Archetypal studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Congratulations Joey! She also holds a Master’s degree in clinical psychology. She has traveled to over 40 countries as a counselor, healer, lecturer, teacher, and photojournalist. She is co-owner of Soul Stories and also co-facilitates an archetypal study group called The Coven, a place where ritual and the art of sacred play come together to help others meet their inner figures. Joey has been a full time practicing evolutionary astrologer for five years and loves uncovering the myths that live within.

Last – but far from least! – we have our multi-talented and artistic soul-friend, Teal Rowe. From choosing the best time to plant and harvest the garden, to learning one’s “primal triad”, the planets, signs, and houses, Teal has been using the sacred wisdom of astrology since she was a young artist. It wasn’t until many moons later, at the time of an ending to a successful art career and marriage that she dove into the astrology books more seriously.  From seeking to find meaning in the transition, to a few years later doing readings for clients, she then found Steven Forrest’s Apprentice Program. In the AP, she says she is very happy to be surrounded by a community of people that are as passionate about learning the endless study of astrology as she is. Teal has a very successful professional evolutionary astrology practice in Ojai, California.

If you happen to have Marie, Joey or Teal as a tutor, or if you know them through past AP adventures, or if you meet them during one of our many Zoom social gatherings, please say “Welcome!” and wish them well and thank them for their hard work of preparation in the Tutor Training Program and in the online classroom. Meanwhile, we are preparing to train the next crop of tutors by launching round two of the Tutor Training Program in July. One needs to be a practicing professional evolutionary astrologer, and to have participated in the Apprenticeship Program in the past, to be eligible. Full criteria for eligibility and an application are posted under the button at the end of my article. 

It takes steady effort, like Taurus the Bull, determination and commitment, to run the FCEA. But we are hopeful and excited to train new tutors to join our instructional time! To Walk in Beauty

Wishing everyone many blessings!