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Tutor Training Program


This page describes the criteria and process of becoming a tutor with the FCEA. Start by reading the article Becoming a Tutor on the right side of this page. Participation in the program is by invitation only. Completion of the program does not guarantee employment with the FCEA.


This section includes the criteria for those who are eligible to participate in the training program. Review each of the criteria below. At this point we will not be making exceptions to this criteria.

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You MUST have participated in Steven’s previous Apprenticeship Program. You must have achieved at least a level II certificate, Masters certificates given priority.

You must have an active evolutionary astrology practice for the past 2+ years. In that practice you have performed at least 50 readings.

You must be actively continuing your astrological training through participation in conferences, meetups, webinars or other online events.

You have an active online presence showing the nature of the astrological work you offer. Includes web site, blogs, newsletters, articles, presentations or other social media.

You are currently or in the past have experience teaching courses. Bonus if you have taught online or an astrology course.


This section describes the process we will be using to select candidates for our tutor training. Completion of the training does not guarantee employment with the FCEA.

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Review the criteria in the section above to ensure you meet the minimum requirements to apply for the training.

Complete the online application, button below. Includes a 250 word essay on why you want to become a tutor.

You will be notified of receipt of your application and the next steps.

Participate in a 30 minute interview with the FCEA staff.


This section describes the expectations of participants in the program. You agree to participate in the following activities for the duration of the program.

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Attend the online weekly tutor training call. Calls will be recorded for later viewing.

Complete the FCEA Competency courses as a demonstration of evolutionary astrology knowledge. This includes completing the 103, Chart Reading Practicum, demonstrating your interpretation skills.

Shadow participation in the 101, 102 and 103 courses. Learning the course content and online training platform.

Working with an FCEA teacher you will act as a tutor for a group of students to develop and demonstrate your tutoring skills.

Tutor Application

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Tell use about your practice, how long, number of readings, other information.
How are you continuing to develop your astrological skills.