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Astrological Odyssey in Greece with Steven Forrest 

April 24-29, 2025 Astrology Conference in Athens

“Finding the Heart of the Birth Chart”


April 29-May 7, 2025 Sacred Site Journey

Tour the Sacred Sites of Greece

A Message from Steven Forrest and the FCEA…
In my May edition of Master’s Musings, I mentioned a couple of live events here in the United States and an upcoming one in Beijing. With North America and Asia on the books, I felt bad about leaving out our European family. I even hinted at some “loose talk” about an event there, but until it was clear it would actually happen, we needed to avoid getting anyone’s hopes up. It’s solid now – thanks to our beloved tutor and Sagittarian world-traveler, Lisa Jones, the FCEA will now be sponsoring a class in Greece in Spring 2025. 
We can accommodate as many as 60 people for the four-day class, but fewer for the bus tour of sacred sites that will come right afterwards. (You can book them separately.) We will open sign-ups to our European students first, then to the FCEA family worldwide with preference given to FCEA students and staff, and finally – if seats remain – to the general public. 
If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Jones who is organizing the tour. You can email her directly at
DOWNLOAD the brochure for all the details on this exciting adventure!


Contact Lisa Jones directly at
(The FCEA staff won’t have the answers, but we promise Lisa will!)


For more information, or to book your spot: