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FCEA Calendar

Welcome to the FCEA Calendar! Here you’ll find:

  • Monthly Q&A Calls with Steven (open to current Students & Members)
  • Course Orientation and Course Q&A Calls (for current Guided Students)

Our intention is to provide this centrally located resource that you can check weekly, to be aware what is happening at the FCEA. 

IMPORTANT: Not all events will apply to everyone using this calendar. Many calls are for students enrolled in specific classes. For this reason, we do not subscribe users to this calendar.

If you use Google Calendar, click on any event, then click “Event Details.” This will open up your Google Calendar, and you can copy the event to your own calendar. You will then have to go to your student dashboard to add the Zoom links to your private calendar entry, as we cannot publish them publicly. Thank you for understanding.

If you use a calendar app other than Google Calendar, please use this calendar to copy the date and time of the event into your own calendar. This calendar is only available as a Google Calendar at this time.