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FCEA Membership

Membership Details

Want to be part of the FCEA, but you’re too pressed for time or money to enroll as a student? We invite you to join us anyway. (And yes, students, you are welcome to join and enjoy these extra benefits, too.)
"Being 'commitment shy,' I opted for joining FCEA’s Community Membership Program prior to jumping into the full FCEA program. For me, it was a 'Start Here' sticker so I could cautiously dip my toe in the waters of Steven Forrest’s method of Evolutionary Astrology and take a peek at the community."
Sue Adair
Kansas City, Missouri, USA
As a Community Member, you are invited to attend these four events. Even better, they are recorded as videos, so an extensive library of them already exists. This collection has been carefully indexed. Curious if Steven ever addressed Venus-Neptune aspects or the solar arcs of the lunar nodes? Look it up in the index and it will take you straight into the archives.


“There is a certain heart wisdom in finding a collective that is walking the same path as me, and that is true of the community at FCEA. Every time I hear Steven talk or explain something in the Membership call, it’s like a light bulb goes off! I’m so glad that these talks are recorded, and I can go back to them to note down the many nuggets of wisdom. I absolutely, love, love love the way the recordings of past calls are indexed for ease of search for a specific topic.”
Deepa Joshi
Los Gatos, California, USA
As a bonus, Community Members qualify for a 20% discount on Steven’s recorded workshops and webinars, with more perks on the way. All in all, we think that Community Membership in the FCEA is the best deal in the world of astrology today. You get all that we’ve just described, plus an intangible, sweet feeling of being part of the tribe of evolutionary astrologers. Maybe once you’ve had a taste of it, you’ll be inspired to enroll as a full-time student in the school.
“FCEA community meetings are the nourishment I’ve longed for, for a long time. My knowledge of Evolutionary Astrology deepens, and I come away with empowering tools and understandings which I use personally and professionally. Going through a birthchart is a transmission of wisdom, not only about the details, but how to actually share them with a client. These meetings are a highlight of my week.”
Daniel Hadjiandreou
St. Ishmaels, Pembrokeshire, Wales
For just US $99 per year, you can become a Community Member. Here’s what that means. Four times each year, Steven does a live Zoom event in which he answers questions you and fellow members have submitted. Most are technical. Some are philosophical or about the counseling side of our craft. He also analyzes one randomly drawn chart, demonstrating the Steven Forrest Method in practice.
"I’ve had a membership for about two years and wouldn’t dream of giving it up. (It’s a bargain!) Steve meets each and every astrological inquiry with clarity, wisdom, honesty and humility. I consider his offerings to be among the most profound mentoring available in the world today. The member calls became my gateway to joining the FCEA, which is nothing short of excellent too.”
Sally Sweetland
Black Mountain, North Carolina, USA
In summary, you’ll receive:
  • Quarterly Member Calls with Steven
    Semi-private 90 – 120-minute webinars where he answers members’ questions and presents a nodal analysis of a randomly selected member’s chart
  • 24/7 access to FCEA Q&A Call Archives
    A searchable database of more than 30 past Student and Member Q&A Calls with Steven since the FCEA’s first call in December 2020—and new content added monthly!
  • Priority Enrollment to FCEA Courses
  • Access to FCEA Special Events
  • 20% Discount on webinars and transcripts at
  • Access to AstroPedia (forthcoming)
  • Priority for Live Events (in the future)
  • Directory Listing (forthcoming)
  • Camaraderie and Connection with like-minded, serious students of Steven Forrest’s evolutionary astrology
We hope you’ll join us for the adventure!
To start your FCEA Membership please Register an Account and Log In first, then select Membership in the menu.