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FCEA-100 ETP-III Enrollment

Refund Policy

  • Full Refund: We offer a full refund for any course within 24 hours of purchase or until access has been granted to the course materials.
  • Partial Refund: If you sign up for a program, you can receive a partial refund for any portion of the program to which you have not been given access.
  • No Refund: Once you have been given access to a course, no refund is available.

Subject to Change

  • Course offerings, dates and prices are subject to change at any time.

Students learn how to master the basics of evolutionary astrology in the Forrest Method. You will learn the core language and key concepts as described in the required course textbook, The Inner Sky. It will contain a mixture of brief videos and narrative teaching components, as well as tests to gauge your familiarity with and/or grasp of the material covered. You will learn the concepts of planets, signs, houses and aspects. The course will expose you to the symbols used to represent these concepts and how to interpret them in the context of a person’s birthchart. As your proficiency increases, you’ll assemble these into sentences, paragraphs and ultimately a story about the individual whose chart you are interpreting. The focus in FCEA 101 is developing a fundamental understanding of a person’s psychological nature as reflected in the birthchart.

Duration: 9 weeks

Required TextbookThe Inner Sky.
Supplemental TextbooksThe Book of Fire, The Book of Earth, The Book of Air, The Book of Water.

All books by Steven Forrest, available through Seven Paws Press.


Students learn detailed methods of nodal analysis using the Steven Forrest Method. To enroll, you MUST have completed one of the FCEA-101 courses. It will teach the techniques for detecting the fingerprints of unresolved issues from prior lifetimes, as presented in the birthchart. This is “the chart behind the chart.” You will learn how to decode it, and determine the remedy for the dilemmas it represents. This is the heart of evolutionary astrology. “Understand the Chart Behind the Chart” In FCEA 101, you learned how to understand a person’s psychological makeup. Here you will learn to see why he or she is that way today, facing challenges and possibilities. As these two perspectives come together, we encounter the full analytical power of this system of human understanding. You will learn nodal analysis, the Steven Forrest Method, the fundamental methods and techniques needed to add an evolutionary astrological perspective, through the Moon’s north and south nodes. You will learn the basic astronomy used to determine the location of the lunar nodes. Then applying the techniques already learned, interpreting nodes by sign and house placement, refining this through their planetary rulers, and planetary aspects, you will create a nodal story. As your understanding deepens, you will develop concepts and practices to better reveal the wounds a person carries in this lifetime. You’ll be able to offer possible roads for addressing them. This is the heart of evolutionary astrological counseling. The course materials are organized into cohesive modules. Each module may contain reading assignments, videos, PDF handouts and self-directed exercises. The course will complete with the assignment of a final exam. Completion of the self-directed exercises and final exam is required for anyone seeking certification.

Duration: 7 weeks

Required TextbookYesterday’s Sky
Supplemental TextbooksThe Book of Fire, The Book of EarthThe Book of AirThe Book of Water.

All books by Steven Forrest, available through Seven Paws Press.


This guided course builds on FCEA 101 (Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology) and FCEA 102 (The Lunar Nodes, Astrology and Reincarnation). It will help you review and apply the core vocabulary and methods needed to continue studying with the FCEA by applying them to actual charts.  Everything that follows in the program is based upon this fundamental language. Each week the class will work together analyzing charts. Your teacher, tutor and fellow students will participate in a set of forums with specific discussion topics. Students are required to complete writing assignments and a written final exam to pass the course.

Duration: 7 weeks

Required TextbookThe Inner Sky, Yesterday’s Sky, The Book of Fire, The Book of Earth, The Book of Air, The Book of Water.

All books by Steven Forrest, available through Seven Paws Press.

  • FCEA-100 Evolutionary Transition Program III $719

    Includes: 101C, 102SP, 103

Course Dates

FCEA-103-13 — January 10 – February 28, 2024 Completed

FCEA-103-15 March 27 – May 15, 2024

FCEA-103-17June 26 – August 14, 2024

FCEA-103-19 — TBA

FCEA-103-21 — TBA

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