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Our Solstice Gathering & Scholarships

Dean’s Update, June 2024

Our Solstice Gathering & Scholarships

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Dean’s Update


Scholarship Opportunities at the FCEA - Apply Now I want to wish everyone a joyful solstice celebration, FCEA community! Please join us on Zoom, Thursday, June 20th, at 5 pm Pacific time, when we come together just after the Sun’s entrance into Cancer. Steven shares a brief presentation on the importance of this season at the beginning of our monthly student Q and A call. This is an open invitation to attend our gathering. We welcome all to our celebratory call! Please see information on how to attend this event on Zoom.

Meanwhile, I have some other important news to share this month. We are at the beginning of our yearly official process of choosing scholarship recipients. Whether you are a new student looking to start the FCEA Program or a seasoned student already enrolled, and you are in need of financial support for your studies, why not apply? Current students can start by applying award money to the next classes they take (a scholarship isn’t retroactive, but it will help you continue). Perhaps transiting Jupiter in Gemini is asking you to take a chance on your next step in your educational journey. Or maybe Neptune is asking, do you have a vision for your life? We only have a limited number of awards, but we try our best to be fair and supportive. We do encourage all interested to apply!


You might be asking, “How might I improve my chances of receiving scholarship support?” Read on and maybe I can help.


Two years ago, Steven and I worked together to plan two types of scholarships offered by the FCEA. Both provide a tuition waiver to cover the costs of the chosen students during the entire length of their educational studies under the scholarship, provided they remain in good academic standing and stay actively involved in the FCEA Program. One is a needs-based award, the other a scholarship to increase diversity at the FCEA. Let me share with you our two current descriptions:


The FCEA Needs Based Scholarship

The FCEA recognizes that in order to create the best in an astrological education, a student body must be inclusive of those with limited resources or financial support. This full scholarship will be awarded to the person whom our scholarship committee deems to be the most promising aspiring student who is in need of financial assistance in covering tuition at the FCEA.


The FCEA Diversity Scholarship

The FCEA is committed to promoting diversity in our student body in terms of race, ethnicity, age, gender, gender preference, sexual orientation and the inclusion of other underrepresented groups in education and in the professional field of astrology. The scholarship committee seeks to award candidates with a full scholarship who contribute to a diverse student body and who help build a more inclusive learning experience at the FCEA.


On our FCEA website, you can find posted instructions to apply for a scholarship under the Learn tab at the top of the main page.  Be careful: The window for application submissions is only from June 15th through July 15th. Make sure to cover each of the three bullet points listed in order to help you write the strongest personal statement. We carefully read through each and every submission. We know getting an award might make the difference in whether a student can join us or whether they can continue at the FCEA, so we take this job seriously! 

Here’s what I would suggest if you are applying: give some careful thought about what information you choose to share with us about you. In what ways can you demonstrate to us your particular needs or how might you best expand upon why you make a good candidate to help us diversify our growing student body? Sometimes, a student crafts a beautiful and detailed personal essay as their submission, but fails to explain which scholarship they are applying for and, most importantly, why? I felt in awe of the many talented astrology students who applied last year and the vast experiences so many of you shared in your personal statements and letters. Well done! But in the end, we chose applicants who clearly described how well they matched the criteria asked in each award and who took the time to edit and compose a solid and convincing application essay.

I am hopeful that this year we will read and review outstanding scholarship applications. Believe me, the selection process is never easy. But I know in my heart we try our very best. For those preparing your applications, I wish you wisdom and grace as you write. Don’t hold back. Listen to your inner voice and tell us who you are!

Solstice blessings to all!


Catie Cadge, PhD
June 2024