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Introducing Our First Master-Certified Graduates

Dean’s Update, March 2024

Introducing Our First Master-Certified Graduates

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Dean's Update
Greetings, FCEA community. March is always a special month for me, because it marks the anniversary of so many important Piscean moments in my life’s journey. Bear with me as I explain my deeply personal connection to this watery, mystical time of year. I promise I will connect all of this back to the school! But first and foremost, I hold in my heart my dear Mom, Anne. Her birthday falls in the first week of March. Unquestionably, she was the most important Pisces soul in my life, always loving, always playful and always compassionate in supporting her Capricorn daughter’s ambitions, imagination and dreams. I miss her so. 
My mother passed away just four months prior to my meeting in person Steven Forrest, whom I met for the first time on my Mom’s solar return, March 7th, in 2014.  I had studied Steven’s writings since I was a young woman in the 1980s, and even though I had heard him speak in person prior, I never actually spoke with him directly, until the transformative year of my Chiron Return, when Pluto by transit formed a conjunction with my south node and transiting Jupiter my north node. How appropriate I should meet Steven on my Mom’s birthday, when in spirit she was so close and near to me.
About this time every year, the Sun at mid-Pisces lines up with my Ascendant. March 6th and 7th seem to be two days that carry a lot of emotion and meaning for me. As many of you may know, March 6th is the day we first officially started planning the FCEA in 2019 and so we consider it the school’s birthday. Now this year, in 2024, Saturn by transit conjuncts my 12th house Chiron and my Ascendant as the FCEA turns five (we opened for instruction early 2021, so we count three years of actual live classes). How fitting a time for the FCEA as we plan for the very first graduating class this March 6, 2024. How ever Saturn is asking me to “mature” as a Piscean Dean, I do hope sincerely I “get it right.”
But enough about me. Let me say how thrilled Steven and I and our wonderful FCEA team are about the successful completion of our program of fifteen highly talented and gifted evolutionary astrologers. We are so proud of their accomplishment! The word “impressed” does not fully capture what I feel, when I hear our master grads speak the archetypes and dive deeply into carefully-crafted chart analysis with loving, caring words and guidance. 


I want to congratulate our newly master-certified evolutionary astrologers: Kimberly Blanchette, Paula Crall, Alan Egge, Jackie Johansen, Sharon Kruger, Teema Loeffeholz, Barb McNemar, Lauren Neubauer, Cezary Piskorz, Lidia Ranieri, Sophie Salaniat, Karla Smith, Lelia Thell, and Linda Walker.


It has been such a blessing to get to know each one of these amazing human beings over the past three years. I want to thank all of them for their commitment and hard work. Taking the initial plunge into our FCEA curriculum, these graduates are our very first cohort of students. They constantly demonstrated patience and love during the maiden voyage of the FCEA. And they kept us afloat and on our toes as we tried to give them the very best education we could. We are forever grateful for their help in making our school what it is today. I always feel students are the best “teachers,” and this group certainly fits the bill!
To acknowledge the many talents and accomplishments of our graduates, we are sending them diplomas signed in person by Steven and myself. We are also most excited to announce that we are in the process of creating a directory listing each master-certified FCEA graduate by name, contact information and personal statement describing their work and passion for evolutionary astrology. The directory will be linked to Steven’s main website, undoubtedly serving as a gateway for our grads to meet potential clientele and expand their professional connections. We are certain the directory will be a critical stepping stone to building a successful practice in evolutionary astrology. May Vesta, the asteroid of sacred lineage, help them carry the torch!
But first, a graduation ceremony is in order and what better day than March 6th to celebrate our initial cohort’s graduation? For those curious about chart details, we recognize February 14th, at 1:00 pm Pacific time, as the official time of graduation for the “class of 2024.” But given the special significance of March 6th for the FCEA and for Steven and myself, we are holding a celebration on Zoom at 10 am Pacific time that day. The event is open to the public —please access the FCEA Birthday & Graduation Party Zoom link on the FCEA School Calendar. Please mark your calendars and join us as we honor each graduate and hear briefly about their journeys in their own words. Steven and I will also speak briefly about the FCEA birthday and the charts of these truly special occasions. What an exciting day! I know for certain my Mom will be there. She was a mystic that always told me to “follow my heart.” I offer her words for each and every one of our graduates. May your heart hold the torch and may you follow it always. Many blessings!
Catie Cadge, PhD
March 2024