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Class is in Session—Here's What's Next

Dean’s Update, January 2024

Class is in Session—Here’s What’s Next

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Dean's Update
I always find January to be such a busy month at the FCEA. Students are slowly returning to class after the holidays. Our tutors and staff are all abuzz with new classes opening every week. We have eleven new classes opening just this month! I am thrilled to see a lot of student interest in our 101Z and 201Z classes. Please take a look at our new catalog entries for them on our website. These two Zoom-based offerings add another way for us to build community and address student needs. I hope everyone is enjoying their return to school and that you all are excited about the topics covered in your next FCEA course.
Joey Paynter
Joey Paynter, PhD
I personally feel a sense of accomplishment as I have been working with Steven on fine-tuning our new counseling course this winter with the support of the class teacher, Joey Paynter. Holding two master degrees in Clinical Psychology and Depth Psychology and a PhD in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, Joey brings a wealth of constructive and creative insight into FCEA 401: Sacred Counsel. Joey was one of the very first tutors on the FCEA staff. I’m so happy to see her return to teach this important course. 
FCEA 401: Sacred Counsel marks the completion of the master certificate program, six years of curriculum development for Steven and me. It’s been a lot of work and I am proud of what we have created! But the day-to-day workings of the school continue to change and expand in fresh directions. Let me share with you some of these new developments.

To better build community in our courses, we’ve lengthened the two course Zoom calls, the orientation and the Q and A call, to 90 minutes. I am thrilled about this change. It will allow us to do more chart analysis and spend time reviewing class material together in a live classroom. And, of course, the calls will be recorded so you can catch them later if you can’t attend. We encourage you to submit questions ahead of time to your tutor if you can’t meet on Zoom. We’ll make sure everyone’s questions get addressed.


Another positive project we are implementing is making course reading lists and requirements available to students in advance through an expansion of our Student Resources tab on our website. Right now, you can use the Student Resources page to access links and information about student calls and join the 103 waiting list for those who have completed 101 and 102. We are compiling information from each course, so that you will be able to look ahead and plan the time needed for your studies before the class opens. Of course, all of our courses clearly state course completion criteria in the course, as well, at the top of the Moodle course and, if an exam is part of the requirements, at the end of the Moodle course. Please read the course material closely. But this new forthcoming feature on our website will also help you look ahead and consider the work in store for your next FCEA course. We hope to have these new additional resources up for you soon.
The last exciting piece of news I’d like to share is our plans for the expansion of course electives, now in the developmental phase. Early in the first few years of the FCEA’s planning stages, Steven and I worked on preliminary course structures for a number of FCEA electives. Topics include electional astrology, chart rectification, the asteroids, and astromapping. I know many of our advanced students have been waiting patiently for these electives to open. However, we had to fully develop the certificate program first. Over the last few years, fine-tuning each course for the FCEA program was accompanied with the many tasks of running a growing school and what seemed to be endless administrative tasks. It was necessary for us to put these elective courses on the sidelines. In the months ahead, I finally see some windows of time opening, making it possible for Steven and I to finish writing these more focused, advanced courses. Fingers crossed we are able to do so! As with everything at the FCEA, one step at a time.
Catie Cadge, PhD
January 2024