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Expansive FCEA Plans for 2024

Dean’s Update, December 2023

Expansive FCEA Plans for 2024

Solstice is upon us! For those of us in the northern hemisphere, we enter the season of increasing light. I can’t help but think of Jupiter and the hope the planet brings us as we look ahead into 2024. Steven’s recent lecture about the upcoming Jupiter and Uranus conjunction next spring reminded us to “think big” but also not “TOO big.” In other words, we need to claim Jupiter’s gumption but use logic and strategy as well. One never knows when Uranus is involved! It was a pleasure to see so many of you on our recent holiday gathering on Zoom, when Steven spoke about the conjunction. With this timing in mind, let me share with you our FCEA dreams for growth in the year ahead. And, of course, some of the perpetual growing pains we anticipate too.
We have two new projects we will be starting after the New Year:


First, we are initiating an online “library” of chart readings by Steven in honor of the master’s seventy-fifth birthday.

What an honor to sit at Steven’s feet and listen to him dive deep into his work as he reads for a client. We plan to offer one reading a month to our FCEA 200, 300 and 400-level students and graduates. We know many have been waiting for this opportunity to reinforce all the techniques and insights of their FCEA coursework through a chance to listen to Steven in action. In order to make this project successful, we need the help of those in the FCEA community who have received a reading from him in the past and who may be willing to lend a hand by sharing the recording. Do remember it is 100% voluntary! All of Steven’s private work is strictly confidential unless you decide to share it. Please read Steven’s “Master’s Musings” for more information. We would love your help!


The second exciting new project is our Circle platform. Many of you have heard about this endeavor through the FCEA grapevine. Shortly after the New Year, we will take our maiden voyage on Circle, expanding in Jupiter fashion by sharing our experiences with evolutionary astrology in a new social online space.


On Circle, we can engage in lively chat in discussions, explore charts together, and review questions from our classes, all in a process of building a strong community of sharing and learning together. And, once in a while, Steven will join in the Circle conversation. Circle will also be the place where advanced students will find that online library of chart readings once a month, as I mentioned above. Eventually there will be other resources there as the school expands. I’m excited to see Circle in action!

Moving Beyond Study Group Calls

I have other great news to announce: we are growing leaps and bounds! We anticipate a large cohort of new students entering FCEA 103 after completion of the self-guided 101 and 102 courses. We’re proud and excited to have such a large group of future FCEA Apprentices. I will be training new tutors in the spring to help cover our needs as we grow. Please welcome our new students on our course calls and Q&A time with Steven. On a more ambivalent note, in order to accommodate so many new souls into the FCEA, we simply need to move beyond the format of the Zoom study group calls. I know that some of you really love the study group calls, but we just can’t support the expanding enrollment within the space restrictions of the study groups. For those who are sad to see these calls go, I ask you to keep perspective – remember that only about ten percent of our students actually attended these calls in 2023. We want the FCEA to be more supportive of all our students in the learning process and we think that Circle will fill the void in a way that works better for the majority of you. 
To assist in this transition, we have several methods of instruction we hope will fill the gap of the missing study group calls. Here’s the most important one – in addition to the new library of readings by Steven and the space with shared conversation on Circle, we are moving ahead with developing further the 101Z and 201Z courses. You might recall we piloted these classes in early 2023. We will be rolling them out as an official part of our course and package offerings via our website after the New Year. I am so pleased to be replacing the study group calls, in response to so many of you who have asked us to improve the outdated structure. The Z classes are designed to include review of 100- and 200- curriculum AND chart analysis, so that all the fun activities of the study group calls will be available, but now with much more tutor involvement and attention. 
No longer will we see 100-level students on the same Zoom study group call with the more advanced folks at the 200-level. 101Z and 201Z class size will be limited to a maximum of eight students with an emphasis placed upon tutor support in an intimate, small Zoom classroom. We will require tuition for the Z classes to allow us to provide a better classroom experience and more focused tutor attention. For those who love our community on Zoom, just think about how much 101Z and 201Z can open the door to a loving, nurturing learning environment with a small group of fellow students at your level of understanding! Please look for these courses in our online schedule in the months ahead.
Wishing everyone a beautiful solstice and holiday blessings to all!
Catie Cadge, PhD
November 2023