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Late Summer Transits of Transition

Dean’s Update, August 2023

Late Summer Transits of Transition

Catie Cadge

We are on the threshold of our first FCEA “summer” break. I hope everyone enjoys a little rest and relaxation before classes resume in September. I put the word, summer, in quotes, because, of course, we have FCEA students and members all around the world and, for some down in the southern hemisphere, I wish them a joy-filled winter recess.

Here in my home in California, it feels as if summer has zoomed by in a wink of an eye. Busy transitions are in place at our growing school. Let me welcome our many new members and students! I look forward to the new cohort of students joining our 100-level guided program beginning September 20th. There’s still room if you find yourself, or perhaps a friend, eager now to learn our sacred craft. But I have other news to share as well, some sad, some more like a Saturn time in feel, other announcements align more with Jupiter. Let’s start with Saturn challenges first.

One of the hardest tasks I find I face as FCEA Dean is keeping our tutors happy, motivated and eager to share their wisdom. But we all know Saturn can bring endings and a process of maturation involving difficult effort for a soul (Or in this case, our school. I am thinking of Saturn’s transit in the FCEA’s 10th house, moving retrograde now). Saturn’s call to task was evident in my summertime work to train and guide seven new tutor trainees. I will provide a formal introduction to our new tutors in September, when the hiring process is confirmed. I am thrilled to be working with this new talented group! But as one could expect, there have been some ups and downs and a learning curve for everyone, especially in light of the distinctive tutoring environment of Moodle, our learning platform. I’m including this Saturnian roller coaster of roadblocks and challenges, because I want to thank FCEA students and staff for your patience and love you have shown our new trainees. All are top-notch evolutionary astrologers; it just takes some hurdles to get the nuts and bolts of working in our classes down.

Marie O'Neill

On another Saturn note, we say goodbye to our tutor and teacher, Marie O’Neill. Marie is stepping into new endeavors and taking her flourishing career as an astrologer and writer in fresh directions. We want to wish her all the best in her soul’s journey! And, of course, we support her in any way we can. Marie has been an outstanding staff member of the FCEA. We are so grateful for her constant care and dedication she always showed her students. Marie’s astrological wisdom and insight has been a great gift of service, especially in her tutor role in our advanced, 300-level classes. Marie was a “founding tutor” at the school; one of three who made the plunge with us when we first opened our doors. Her wise guidance and initial contributions to building the school played a critical role in making the FCEA happen. I am personally so grateful for her love and support over the last three years. I will miss her greatly.


I’d like to end with some positive news, a little Jupiter opportunity and faith.



In late July, our Scholarship Selection Committee convened to discuss the many student applications we received for our two scholarship opportunities: the FCEA Diversity and Financial Need Scholarships. It was a very difficult selection process, because we had so many thoughtful essays and very strong interest. Steven and I wished we could help all our applicants, but of course our school has very limited resources to do so. We successfully chose four recipients (two in each category). We are excited for our scholarship funding to begin in September. We encourage students to seek out our next opportunity for scholarships June 15th through July 15th, 2024.

I share one last Jupiter-inspired hope and dream. Steven’s Omega Program in Rhinebeck, New York, came off with flying colors in early August. If the angels allow, from what he shares with me, he will return to Omega next summer. With Jupiter faith, let’s open our hearts to in-person possibilities with Steven in the future. Perhaps an FCEA event? We shall see.


Catie Cadge, PhD
August 2023