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FCEA Scholarship Opportunities

Dean’s Update, April 2023

Scholarship Opportunities

Catie Cadge
April is a busy month at the FCEA. We have six classes in operation at three levels of instruction!  A special congratulations to those students who recently graduated from the apprentice level last month and our advanced craftspeople who have now embarked on the 300-level. Way to go! I also wish to give a shout out to the 101B grads who are now starting 102B. We are so impressed by everyone’s growing skill set and devotion to study, along with the spirit of community you all bring to the school. We are so grateful!
I have some long-awaited news to share about our scholarship opportunities this year. We have been receiving questions about financial aid practically since the first day the FCEA has opened. It has been tough for Steven, myself and our staff because so many are in need and we, of course, wish to help. The problem is the school’s limited resources. We are just now gradually moving ahead with our very first scholarship application process to try to alleviate even just a small fraction of this hardship experienced by so many. Thank you for your patience!
Here is the scoop:


  • There will be a scholarship application and selection process.
  • Full instructions will be posted under the “Learn” tab on the FCEA website by late May.
  • We will be offering a limited number of scholarships providing the awarded students a full tuition waiver from the time of the award until masters certification, as long as they are actively enrolled at the FCEA.
  • All students are eligible to apply.
  • Scholarship rewards are not retroactive and only apply to coursework not yet attempted by the student.
  • Scholarships require the student to successfully pass their coursework in each class. 
There are two types of scholarships at the FCEA: a needs-based award in response to a student’s financial hardship and a diversity scholarship intended to support students from historically marginalized and/or oppressed communities worldwide. Let me share the descriptions:
The FCEA recognizes that in order to create the best in an astrological education, a student body must be inclusive of those with limited resources or financial support. This full scholarship will be awarded to the person whom our scholarship committee deems to be the most promising aspiring student who is in need of financial assistance in covering tuition at the FCEA.
The FCEA is committed to promoting diversity in our student body in terms of race, ethnicity, age, gender, gender preference and the inclusion of other underrepresented groups in education and in the professional field of astrology. The scholarship committee seeks to award candidates with a full scholarship who contribute to a diverse student body and who help build a more inclusive learning experience at the FCEA.
The number of students chosen will depend upon the school’s growth and financial position at the time of application. Students will be chosen once a year by our Scholarship Selection Committee by August 1st. June 15 to July 15 is the date window for submitting an application. Again, please refer to our website for complete application directions in late May.
We wish we could offer support to all applicants, but, of course, the selection process will be competitive. Every effort will be made to make the selection process fair. We ask all students to realize the school can only do what it has resources to do.
We strive to serve all our students with the best education in evolutionary astrology. And we hope to make our online campus diverse and supportive of those in need. Hopefully, the inauguration of our scholarship program will be a great asset for the whole FCEA community in the years ahead.
Catie Cadge, PhD
April 2023