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Meet Our New Tutors

Dean’s Update, October 2022

Greetings FCEA community! Mars is moving retrograde through Gemini soon. The passionate planet of action will be in reflective mode. We turn inward to consider how we might bring fresh perspectives to the ways we touch one another, through our voices and our words. Some FCEA students know that I love to think of Gemini like a Cubist painting; each side of the subject is shown simultaneously as we open our minds and hearts to our natural curiosity and learning! Late this month, when stationing retrograde, Mars sits on the FCEA 2nd house cusp and the journey backward into our 1st house makes me think we need to refresh our teaching pool, open up to some new 1st house Gemini leadership in the FCEA classroom. How timely! So, I am thrilled to announce that we have hired three new outstanding tutors to join our growing FCEA team.


Patty Morris-Stebbins, Aubrey Thorne Carey and Ricky Williams began serving as tutors at the end of August. This month, they officially come on board, so expect to see them in several classes in 2023. Let me take a moment to briefly introduce them to you.


Patty Morris-Stebbins

Patty Morris-StebbinsPatty and I have been blessed to share the love of deep family bonding through Steven’s AP program for many years, so I am thrilled to work closely with her in helping to bring about our educational mission. Patty shared the following brief biography with me. “Patty Morris-Stebbins is New England born and raised, with a deep love of teaching and learning. Having completed two Master’s Degrees, (one in Public Policy and one in Transpersonal Counseling,) twenty years of astrological study, (including almost ten years with Mr. Forrest himself), and 15 years counseling clients, she is excited to bring her knowledge and skills to the FCEA to support others’ connection with the deep material of evolutionary astrology, and is even more excited to learn from students’ own wisdom and knowledge. When not studying/tutoring/counseling astrology, she works full-time as a cancer research administrator and mama to two amazing children, and is perennially seeking ways to connect with spirit through meditation, music, and nature.” Welcome, Patty!


Aubrey Thorne Carey

Aubrey Thorne CareyAubrey and I have been friends and colleagues for many years as well, learning together and sharing our passion for evolutionary astrology at Steven’s AP over the years. I am so excited to have Aubrey join our team. Here is her brief introduction so you can get to know her. “Aubrey Thorne Carey fell in love with Evolutionary Astrology in 2011 and began Steven Forrest’s Apprentice Program in 2012, completing his Master Certification in 2016. She has a Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine and was an acupuncturist for over a decade before transitioning (with many small detours) to her astrological practice. In her parallel life, Aubrey was with the Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles for eight years, wearing lots of wigs and doing improv weekly, and surprisingly, these improv and comedic skills come in handy regularly while doing astrology consultations! She also trained with Michael Neill in his Supercoach program in 2020, which was life-changing, getting certified as a Transformational Coach, working with a perspective known as “The Three Principles.” When not working with astrology and coaching, Aubrey is doing one of these activities: studying yoga, walking her adorable Potcake (look it up), WhatsApp-ing her 21-year old daughter, having tacos with her husband, needlepointing and listening to audiobooks, or planning one of a hundred possible creative projects.” So multi-talented, Aubrey!


Ricky Williams

Ricky WilliamsAnd last – but certainly not least! – is Ricky Williams. Ricky and I also met through Steven’s AP and I cherish the times I have gotten to know him better and his lovely wife, Linnea, who is also former AP family. I am super happy to see Ricky join our team of tutors because he seems to be a natural at sharing his love and skills of our most sacred craft. Ricky shared this brief biography so you can get to know him better, “Upon the completion of a successful professional football career, Ricky Williams turned his attention to spiritual exploration and development. A Gemini fueled by a passion for learning, he studies and practices yoga, meditation, astrology, craniosacral therapy, pranic healing and Ayurvedic medicine. During Ricky’s 16 years studying astrology and interpreting birthcharts for his clients, he discovered a teacher in world-renowned evolutionary astrologer Steven Forrest. In 2020, Ricky, Steven and Linnea founded LILA (Sanskrit for “divine play”), a relationship and self-discovery app powered by the spiritual insights offered by an empowering, choice-based form of astrology. Ricky’s greatest love is building transformative businesses with his wife and other like-minded people.” Yay Ricky!
Please join me in welcoming all three wonderful and talented tutors to our FCEA family. Let’s all work together to make this Mars retrograde period in our school’s 1st house unfold into fresh educational perspectives, new ideas and new energy and passion in teaching and learning. Thank you, Patty, Aubrey and Ricky. And thank you to all our tutors, teachers, students and staff for making our FCEA the best online school possible!


Catie Cadge, PhD
October 2022