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The Collective Awakening: Playing Our Part

Dean’s Update, July 2022

July greetings to my dear FCEA community! I hope those in the northern hemisphere are enjoying pleasant weather and some time for rest and relaxation. For our students and members “down under,” wishing you warm and comfortable winter days. I just returned from a few days “off grid,” at a beautiful, hot springs in the Pacific northwest. Healing waters, warm sunshine, a cool mountain river and nothing to do, but bathe in the forest and under a carpet of many, many stars at night. The Milky Way was in her full glory! 
Most memorable for me was meeting a woman, while we soaked in the mineral waters, and bonding with her through passionate conversation about evolutionary astrology and the FCEA. In the midst of her Uranian opposition and a big Jupiter time for her, “Annie” was just awakening to the potential power of astrology as a tool for life’s journey. Such a joy to see her eyes light up and to feel her enthusiasm and open heart. So often we have these encounters when we meet a soul who now “gets it,” who makes the cosmic connections and sees what a sacred gift understanding our natal chart can be.



To me, the main mission of our work at the FCEA is to bring these very kinds of awakenings to not only our clients, through our job as professional astrologers, but to those special souls we meet in our daily lives who are ready to learn, evolve and share. This is how we can contribute, as a school, to a world sorely in need of change and healing.

How can we best play a part in this collective awakening? This potential for astrology to reach a bigger audience, to touch the hearts of people like “Annie”?

Not all will choose a professional path. Some may integrate evolutionary astrology into other healing modalities or perhaps a counseling career. When Steven and I wrote the course curriculum together in 2020, we began with the very basics, anticipating some students would be “newbies,” just starting out with little knowledge, but a passionate drive to learn. We hoped to serve our “Annie”s. But running a school day in and day out, I have come to realize the FCEA is like a living, breathing entity, morphing in form and composition from one group of students entering the program to the next. 
Summertime here in California always provides me a time to take stock of the bigger picture of what I am working and striving for; a good time to reassess where our school is headed and what structural changes we may need to make in the months ahead. The FCEA is growing. I am in the process of training three new tutors this summer. We look forward to welcoming a brand-new cohort of 100-level students in the fall. What needs to change to best accommodate our growing student body, diverse in levels of knowledge and practical skills? 
First up for reevaluation is our study group calls. How can we work harder and make the road smoother for “Annie”? These are the questions I am wrestling with addressing this summer, as I work with our tutors and staff. In the 300-level advanced course, FCEA 301, we will have a trial run this month testing weekly Zoom meetups with tutors. I am excited to see this new development in course structure unfold! If successful, we will explore similar options in our courses in the months ahead. Meanwhile, gradual change and modification will occur with our study group format.
What an exciting time! I ask you all for patience as we fine-tune and work through the best possible avenues for comprehensive learning for everyone. In the meantime, please do share feedback through our course evaluations. We want to hear your suggestions! We are also planning more added features for members in the months ahead, along with our on-going expansion, visual makeover and improvement of our website. Expect more changes! I am so thankful for the hard work and effort of our FCEA staff for the care and love they have given to building a better website, a better school and a top-notch learning experience. And a huge thank you to our students and members for your constant love and commitment. Let’s open the heart of every “Annie” and make evolutionary astrology a household word! I don’t feel it is too bold to say this. I believe that the world needs us. Blessings, everyone!
Catie Cadge, PhD
July 2022