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Summer Solstice Reflections

Dean’s Update ~ June 2022

Catie Cadge

Summer Solstice Reflections
& Our FCEA Family

Solstice is right around the corner and I am savoring the long days of summer here in the northern hemisphere. The warmth of the sun feels good and there seems to be hope in the air. I am happy to report the FCEA community is growing strong. Four classes are up and running this summer! I hope all our students are enjoying their new classes that just opened in early June. We are planning a solstice celebration as a part of our student Q and A call this month with a special conversation with Steven at 8 am Pacific time on June 21st. Steven will be giving us a little taste of his thoughts about the planet Eris, a new topic in recent astrology, guiding us in our understanding of the evolutionary meaning of the “planet of discord.” Please join us! Look for our FCEA announcement about the call in mid-June. 



Solstice always reminds me of the seasonal gatherings at Stonehenge. As the sun rises and lights up the majestic sarsen stones, the celebratory rituals seem like such magical times of shared sacred space. In some ways, I see our community at the FCEA in a similar way.


We come together to learn and share our passion in a sacred celestial art based upon the sky and the changing seasons. We are also a solstice community, a circle, a family. Before I dive into the main topic of my Dean’s update this month, I want to thank Teal Rowe, our dear tutor and friend, who is leaving our solstice circle, our FCEA community. Like we so often hear, running a school really does “take a village,” and I am so grateful for Teal’s love, hard work and commitment to help birth the FCEA.  Teal has been a constant source of emotional support and guidance through recent years of developing the FCEA. We could not have done this work without her. She will be sorely missed. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors! 

Returning to what I have called our solstice family, our circle, I wanted to share with you a few recent reflections I had after attending a popular in-person astrology conference, NORWAC (Northwest Astrological Conference) in Seattle, Washington, this past May. The NORWAC conference always stimulates my mind and curiosity. I must say my Gemini Moon thoroughly enjoys the diversity of approaches and techniques, a true smorgasbord of methodologies! Oh, my, there is always so much to digest and ponder. Astrology conferences offer us fresh perspectives and a wealth of astrological knowledge that can be so rewarding, not to mention the joy and love of the downtime when we come together during the after-hour parties and gatherings. Like our own solstice circle, the NORWAC tribe is a family and I am grateful for all the connections I have made over the years at the conference. We hope to meet some of you at the ISAR conference in Westminister, Colorado, this summer (August 25 through 29th, visit for more information). Steven will be a presenter. Let’s gather together those who can attend.

For me, one of the topics that seems to come up each year when attending NORWAC is how and in what ways I might use my new insights. I must admit my Capricorn Sun loves strategy and working through rules and the many technical details of how astrology can be approached. What can I say, I am the type of person who loves board games and mind puzzles. And I have a competitive side – I like to get things right! The ins and outs of practicing various forms of astrology, such as the rich world of traditional, Hellenistic and Jyotish (Indian astrology), not to mention more recent vibrational or Uranian astrology, pose such exciting challenges for my personal passion for figuring out “how things work.”  

But one of the strong bonds of connection we share at the FCEA is our love for Steven’s particular methods of reading charts. Something about that basic common thread we all share strengthens us as a school and in our developing roles as counselors. I respect my colleagues at NORWAC and thrive when I open to the ideas and methods they share. But when I return to my daily work in the counseling office, I am a purist. I practice evolutionary astrology and the Steven Forrest method, because I know it works for my clients. My readings already cover enough material! Astrological “fusion” may have its place in our research and in our shared conference circle, but finding a method that works for you, and applying a focused approach to learning evolutionary astrology through that chosen method, builds a solid foundation as a counselor. 

So, I’ll end with a little summary of my two-cents as the FCEA Dean. The best way forward to become the most skilled and gifted astrologer lies in finding a path, a particular method and sticking to it. Broadening our astrological wisdom is never to be frowned upon. Open doors when they appear; learn, explore, and appreciate the diversity of our astrological family! Yet, recognize, in actual practice, the value of a strong focus and a fine-tuned set of skills.

Happy solstice everyone! Much love to our solstice circle!

Catie Cadge, PhD
June 2022