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Learning About Lunar Phases in FCEA-301

Dean’s Update, May 2022

Catie Cadge
Each month, when I write the Dean’s Update, I take a moment to think ahead and look to see what is on the horizon for the FCEA. Once again, I have this summer’s 300-level Moon course on my mind. I am really looking forward to this particular course. It teaches some core techniques about lunar phases every astrologer needs to know. These are fundamental cards in our astrological hand that we include in every reading with our clients. Why have we waited so long to teach these critical tools we use in evolutionary astrology? Steven and I believe patience is required in order to absorb, reflect, and develop our skill sets. Our advanced students are now ready to take in the rich layer of meaning evident when we consider the lunar phase in chart analysis. And what a rich layer it is!

All aspects are about integration.” —Steven Forrest

But there is more to the lunar picture. In addition to learning about and applying interpretation of the phases of the Moon in the natal chart, students also practice working with the progressed lunation cycle, in FCEA 301, The Moon. How can we best speak to the client’s heart in a reading? Where in the progressed lunation cycle, almost three decades in length, is the soul in life’s long journey? The Moon phase by progression captures so well “the mood” of the life at the moment for a client. The sign and house location of the progressed Moon provides the emotional feeling, the core needs and values, while the lunar phase by progression helps us understand possible strategies, ones that are instinctual and attitudinal, for fulfilling these needs. Advanced students already studied the progressed lunar return in FCEA 203, The Biopsychic Script. Now we take on the progressed Moon in all her stages of lunar beauty! Building upon our 200-level curriculum, we hone our practical skills in analysis of the “current sky” to create a full, integrative chart reading.

Summer promises to be fun and engaging as we open our minds and hearts in FCEA 301: The Moon. We are excited to run this course on its maiden voyage. We also look forward to eventually sharing lunar wisdom and insight with all FCEA students at the appropriate level of advanced Craftsperson. What progressed lunar phase will you be in at that time? Let’s hope we all bask and shine in the moonlight!
Catie Cadge, PhD
May 2022