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Looking Ahead to 2022

Solstice Greetings, everyone!
Ah, the Sun enters Capricorn…Winter is a time for turning inward as we all reflect upon the past year. We find some peace and quiet time, and imagine the next steps in our soul’s journey up the mountain. And we all need hope, faith and love for the New Year.
In his “Master’s Musings” this month, Steven faces head-on the Saturn times ahead for us at the FCEA. Jupiter may bless our school, too, but only if we “roll up our sleeves” and embrace the hard work, so we can reach for the stars. Let’s build the BEST school we can for evolutionary astrology. Please join us in celebrating the path ahead!

“You can make a wish, but then you have to do the wish. It doesn’t just happen.” –Anonymous, a nine-year-old Capricorn kid

Congratulations to our students in their successful completion of FCEA 202, the Practicum in Transits, Progressions and Solar Arcs. We were so impressed by the level of engagement and the love all you showed to one another in class discussions. Such an honor for me to work with such talented evolutionary astrologers! Such a gift for me…I wish to give a shout out to tutors Marie, Joey and Teal in thanks for their constant help and support in moving FCEA 202 to a successful finish. I could not do this work as dean without them! Just before solstice, our current FCEA 103 section will be coming to a close, so I also wish them the best of luck in their final submissions and a big thank you to Karen, Sarrah, Bryan, Ryan, and Allison for such stellar work in guiding our students through FCEA 103. What a busy fall term it has been here at the school.
I want to share with you some exciting news: we have hired three new employees to help the FCEA with the structural needs and difficult tasks of Saturn in the months ahead. We are thrilled to have Paula Wansley as our chief financial operator to guide us through the school’s anticipated growth in 2022 (“Knock on wood”… As Steven says, Jupiter wants us to take a chance!). Paula comes to us after years of experience working for Steven and Ingrid Coffin planning and helping to coordinate many Apprenticeship Programs, Steven’s live teaching sessions formerly held outside of San Diego. I have known Paula, myself, for seven years now. I always feel immediately at ease with Paula; a great trait when it comes to handling financial discussions. Thank you, Paula! I love that we will be working with her in the years ahead.
I am extremely grateful to announce we have a new communications coordinator, Penelope Love. Penelope is gifted in so many skills it is difficult to know where to begin! Holding an MA in Mass Communication, Penelope is a successful author, editor and publisher. She will be handling our newsletter, helping with Zoom calls and organizing our events, and contributing much-needed revisions to our website. As the FCEA grows, Penelope will be helping us reach a wide audience through social media platforms as well. Some of you may know Penelope from our current 100-level classes. Please welcome her as staff when you see her on a Zoom call! We are so thankful and thrilled to work with such a talented soul. I am confident Penelope will be critical to the school’s success in 2022.
A third new staff member to the FCEA is Carlos Velazquez, our Technical Support “Jack-of-all-trades.” Carlos comes to us with experience in web development, systems administration, and information technology. He will be working with Penelope to ease students successfully through enrollment and then register our students into Moodle, our Learning Management System. Carlos will be a critical link in the chain, helping us to update and improve the website, as well as successfully getting new classes up in Moodle and ready for instruction. Thank you, Carlos! We are so grateful for your many talents. And a big thank you to Jeff Parrett for training Carlos and Penelope in these essential tasks. Carlos is a current 100-level FCEA student. Please congratulate him when you see him on Zoom!


Catie Cadge, PhD
December 2021