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Faith and Hard Work

At the FCEA, we have been watching Jupiter and Saturn dance in the night sky all year. Last December, they were so close, then a bit apart, then even farther apart, and soon Jupiter will re-enter Pisces for a very quick passage (for Jupiter!)  through the zodiacal sign. I have been thinking a lot about hard work and opportunity, how one often follows or accompanies the other. I often hear from FCEA students about how they are frustrated by the steep learning curve, the amount of detail, all the calculations to figure out, the nuts and bolts of software, counseling skills, synthesis and integration, all the pieces of the Steven Forrest method to master. This seems like a higher and higher mountain to climb.  Saturn times can be so tough. I personally find it helpful to remember Steven’s now-famous saying, “Saturn helps us to do what we don’t feel like doing.” Boy, isn’t that the truth?! Then, who knows, maybe we can put our hope in Jupiter, when we might, just might, be able to sweep up all the goodies after Lord Task Master Saturn has done his work.
Going through the program here at the FCEA takes a little bit of Jupiter’s faith and hope. With time, effort and discipline, mastery, or maybe getting just one step closer to being a “master,” will eventually come down the road. I am writing to you this morning on the eve of a New Moon in Libra. One heart and soul to another, I say go easy on yourselves, calm down, allow the art and joy of practicing evolutionary astrology slowly bloom within you. We can’t grasp the skills and Steven’s abilities to integrate all the pieces of a chart reading over night! Ease into it and let it sink in. I just want to encourage you and let you know I understand, I get it. I’m in my own Saturn time at the moment and plodding through all I have on my plate overwhelms me each day.But anything worth learning and accomplishing takes time.

Patience is the art of hoping.
– Luc de Clapiers

It takes a desire to keep going, keep trying and to keep your goals always in sight.

Remember we have Jupiter somewhere out there in the sky. In the spring of 2022, Jupiter will join together with Neptune in Pisces.We all need to dream BIG and have faith in our imaginations and hope for a better future. Both planets will trine the north node of the Moon in Cancer, 3rd house, in the FCEA school’s natal chart, while squaring the school’s Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 7th. Let’s support each other in this cosmic dance, have faith in what we all can do as evolutionary astrologers, and spread healing wisdom with the passion for this sacred craft we all share.
As we continue through 2021, we need to apply ourselves and work hard, but remember to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day! 
In the meantime, I hope we all can cultivate some Piscean compassion for one another. I am so impressed by how kind and loving FCEA students are in replying to each other’s posts. A true spirit of camaraderie! For those that feel overwhelmed, slow down, listen to one another. A community is here for you. May Jupiter and Neptune in the year ahead expand our intuitive gifts, our visions for the future and build dreams upon all this hard work and effort.
I hope to see many of you at our first annual FCEA summit on November 13th!