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Virgo Season

Looking Ahead to Virgo Season: Planning for Our First Annual Summit  

Greetings, everyone! Summer is moving quickly along and fall seems right around the corner. We are about to begin Virgo season. We are excited to join many of you as we continue to hone our skills in evolutionary astrology with 100- and 200-level instruction in late summer and fall. FCEA now has over one hundred active students! We celebrate all of you in helping us make our school a great success. Part of the Virgo polishing of our efforts for mastery in this sacred craft is feeling confident when working with the tools of the trade – how to cast a chart properly and how best to utilize the ins-and-outs of astrological software. We want to help! 

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

– Maya Angelou

We are happy to announce the FCEA will hold its 1st Annual Summit on November 13th, 2021, starting at 8am PST. We want to welcome all students and members to embark with us on our maiden flight. The FCEA Summit: A Community Gathering will include presentations on the benefits (and pitfalls) of various software, how to use an ephemeris and other helpful topics. And, of course, plenty of time for breakout rooms, astro dice, chart sharing and just having fun and a chance to connect. 

The morning of November 13th, the transiting Moon will conjunct the Sun and Neptune in Pisces in the natal chart of the FCEA. Transiting Mars and Mercury in Scorpio, 6th house, will oppose the FCEA’s natal Mars and transiting Uranus in Taurus, 12th house. We put our wizard caps on in Scorpio fashion as we share ideas and insights in a spirit of service and mentorship. Let’s work on making Mars about taking action in learning together and supporting a compassionate Piscean community. With this approach in mind, I ask everyone to feel free to send ideas or suggestions using the popup form by clicking the “Suggestions” button. The summit is a brand-new endeavor for the FCEA staff. We would love any feedback while in the planning stages of this very exciting new gathering.

In Neptune fashion, we are also using our creative imaginations to dream new ways of building bridges of connection in the FCEA, while still preserving confidentiality. We are hopeful that we will be able to eventually return to live gatherings, where perhaps advanced students might present or engage in more in-depth chart analysis, together with Steven and the FCEA teachers and tutors. By November’s summit, Jupiter will be marching forward again in Aquarius in the FCEA’s 10th house. Let’s seize the opportunity to set the stage with this maiden trip, a community gathering. This first summit is just a start. 

Please look for upcoming mailings regarding sign up and/or a link to participate in the 1st annual FCEA Summit: A Community Gathering. We hope to see you on board!