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We Hear You

It is hard to believe we are now seven months into the first year of the FCEA. I want to extend a hearty “welcome” to our brand new 100-level students starting their guided program this week. We are off to a great start! I also want to say that Steven, Jeff and I so appreciated all the positive feedback and loving comments we received from the recent 100-level graduates, our apprentices, many of whom will be moving on into the 200-level Craftsperson program opening this month. Thank you for all your supportive comments! 
We also want to listen and respond to your needs and concerns. We all know how important it is to listen to those we love, our family and friends, and, of course, extend an ear to the clients we serve, as well, when we practice the sacred craft of evolutionary astrology. I often tell my clients when doing a reading that the chart is like a forest, composed of many trees. Maybe with some humble guidance, we hope, all those trees work in sync in an individual’s life. Of course, a “forest” seems like an appropriate metaphor for us astrologers in the FCEA! But recently, I have been choosing to view the birthchart more like a symphony, the Sun as conductor, leading the performance through time. At one moment, we hear more the violin section, another time the flutes. All unfolding in the dance of a soul’s journey in this lifetime. 

The first duty of love is to listen
– Paul Tillich

Looking at the birthchart of our very own school, the FCEA, we see Neptune by transit, moving retrograde through the 11th house, forming a square aspect to the FCEA’s Jupiter at 22°30’ Sagittarius in the 7th house. What opportunities are open to us now at the FCEA to listen to each other, the ideas and suggestions of our community of learners and educators, to strive for the best in our 11th house goals to learn this sacred skill?
We want to reassure you, in true 7th house fashion, we hear you. And we know many students want us to grow in ways that will allow more human interaction in their on-line education. I have been in on-line education for over a decade and I can tell you building an honest, loving “real” connection between students, tutors and teachers is THE most challenging aspect of education in our current 21st-century Aquarian age. In The Book of Neptune, Steven uses the word “sangha,” a spiritually-based community, to describe the friendships we build through an 11th house Neptune. With the planet there, both natally and by transit in the FCEA chart, can we dream of a better future, a better way to relate?
Fine-tuning that Neptunian vision is part of the work we see ahead for us in the FCEA. We are considering several possible avenues to create more places for students, tutors, and teachers to have face-to-face engagement, talking and sharing together through on-line conversations. All of this takes time and resources. And we are grateful for your ongoing patience envisioning new stages – new evolutionary growth! – as we change and develop the best way forward for our FCEA sangha. One that nurtures love, community and understanding. Look for some creative developments in the FCEA curriculum in the months ahead!