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Cycles in the Sky

Greetings, FCEA students and members!

Happy summer solstice! I want to congratulate our 100-level students finishing up 103, the practicum, this month. We celebrate their completion of Apprentice work and their move into more advanced study in the Craftsperson 200 series. In his Master’s Musings, Steven outlines the exciting program we are developing for the months ahead. I’m thrilled we are starting our transit, progression and solar arc courses this summer. One class I’d like to introduce you to is FCEA 203: The Biopsychic Script, a course we are developing for next winter.

I have to say FCEA 203 reminds me of the upcoming summer solstice later this month and how we celebrate this annual event of the longest day of the year here in the northern hemisphere. Like the natural flow of the seasons of equinoxes and solstices, each of us experiences a set of transits and progressions, like predictable rhythms, that happen at roughly the same age in our lives. They are timed to occur in each individual’s life as part of our on-going evolutionary journey. They hold potential for us to claim our rightful path forward; to choose, using our free will, to grow, change and mature. Even a Saturn time offers us such growth potential! I am on the eve of my own second Saturn Return, when Saturn returns to its natal position in the birthchart. Hard work and effort we all know are the ingredients asked of the old task-master Saturn, but discipline can have its rewards. 

“One of my greatest fears is not being able to change, to be caught in a never-ending cycle of sameness. Growth is so important.”

– Matt Dillon

Of course, we think about Jupiter as the planet of expansion and opportunity. But how does the “King of the Gods,” the great gaseous giant, open doors for evolutionary soul growth? A Jupiter Return can bring more than the over indulgence in pleasure, the few extra pounds we gain, or the joy at being the life of the party. In FCEA 203, Steven presents the biopsychic script, such as the Saturn Return or Jupiter Return, in ways that can help us counsel our clients in creative and personally empowering steps they can take to make the most of the evolutionary astrological cycles we all experience. 

Here’s an example to give you a taste of the curriculum we are creating for FCEA 203. The ever-popular Hollywood film, Titanic, won eleven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, in 1998. Just two weeks before, lead actor Leonardo DiCaprio experienced his second Jupiter Return. It occurred at 8 degrees 6 minutes of Pisces in his 6th house, and made a number of other transits to key degrees in his birthchart. Leonardo was only 23 years old then and it was certainly a time of revelry and celebration for him. Yet, how can we look deeper at this transit, one we all share when we reach our early 20s? Or, how can we give the Jupiter Return a more in-depth analysis in light of the individual soul journey of this particular young actor, turned megastar? 

Our FCEA 200 courses dive into topics in evolutionary astrology, such as the biopsychic script, that allow students to fine-tune their skills in chart analysis and take readings to a deeper, and much more richer level of interpretation.

Wishing everyone a wonderful solstice!