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The Changing Sky

April greetings to all our aspiring and practicing evolutionary astrologers! I want to start by congratulating our students in the guided program, who are now in the final stages of completing 102B. We are so happy to report that our new apprentices are well on their way to FCEA 103. This final class at this basic level, the practicum, starts soon in late April. Steven and the faculty here at the FCEA are so pleased with the hard work they have all done. We celebrate how well their skills in nodal analysis have grown in learning and applying Steven’s innovative methods. Meanwhile, our initial 103 group is finishing their final essays, after doing such a fine job in our trial run of the practicum course. Well done everyone!

Here at the FCEA, the recent New Moon in Aries helped us launch the final planning stages of our new 200-level courses in studying the Changing Sky. Transits, progressions and solar arcs will be on the summer course menu for those moving ahead into the Craftsperson program. The 200-level courses include a variety of class activities, from self-guided tools, such as videos and handouts, to our popular practicums, allowing everyone to share knowledge and insight into how best to use astrology’s “crystal ball.”

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.
– Carl Gustav Jung

Steven explores key events in the biographies of current rising stars, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a.k.a. “the powerful AOC,” in her quest for political office, along with some old favorites from our apprenticeship coursework. We see again Muhammad Ali, when he refused the draft during the Vietnam War, robbing him of some of the best years ahead in boxing, to uphold his personal convictions in his fight for civil rights in America and for social justice. 

My personal favorite is Steven’s in-depth study of the birthchart, the root prediction, of Carl Gustav Jung, and then his analysis of the transits, progressions and solar arcs – the critical astrological events from 1913 to 1917 – that lead to a major turning point in the famous psychoanalyst’s influential career. Steven describes how Jung was going through a pivotal time, “a psychological initiation of truly shamanic proportions,” writing the famous Red Book, but also doing “the lion’s share of his psychoanalytic theory and understanding – a foundation upon which we modern astrologers still, to a great extent, stand.” In FCEA 202: Changing Sky – Transits, Progressions and Solar Arcs, we watch Steven unfold this critical moment for Carl Gustav Jung. This video lecture is followed by class discussions, where we share insightful conversation and learn collaboratively the art of astrological timing and counsel. What a Neptune time for Jung!

Wishing ongoing success for ALL our FCEA graduates. We are so grateful and we appreciate sharing the learning process with all of you. Springtime blessings everyone!