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Astrology of Relationship

Greetings FCEA students,

This spring we are taking exciting steps in fine-tuning our classes at the Craftsperson Level. Steven has completed so many new videos covering advanced topics in evolutionary astrology. In February, a retrograde Mercury, plus Venus, meet up with Jupiter in Aquarius. We at the FCEA are using this cosmic dance to reflect and rework our Aquarian online classroom. Jupiter is helping us with the learning process. What are the best strategies for success and opportunity in creating the next generation of gifted evolutionary astrologers? Saturn continues to ask us to work hard in building a solid foundation for our students and for the FCEA.

February brings us Valentine’s Day. As love fills the air, we astrologers turn our attention to the sacred dance of souls, the art of reading how relationship unfolds through the insight of evolutionary astrology. We are thrilled to announce that advanced classes include Steven’s curriculum about synastry, the fine art of negotiation and building a positive rapport with our significant others. We explore relational themes through the charts of some of the greatest artistic and intellectual collaborations of the 20th century: F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. Passionate hearts, passionate minds entwined in creative and dynamic synastry! 

Here are Steven’s words describing this essential skill in our evolutionary toolbox,

“No one exists without relationships of some sort. Humans are an interdependent species. Even a hermit in a cave probably has at least had a teacher in the past. Everyone has had a mother – and that is often yet another complicated relationship.  Committed monogamous bonds are perhaps the most transformative form of intimacy, but there is also the courtship dance that single folks do, and the life-changing romances which unfold in almost everyone’s life from time to time. Right at the heart of everything are those astonishing, magic-creating moments when souls touch and our faith in the Eternal Mysteries becomes as palpable as the force of gravity.

What light can astrology shed on these precious connections?”

I hope this gives you a small taste of what is to come down the road in courses at the FCEA. Wishing you love in ALL its forms and many springtime blessings!