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Dean's Code of Ethics

By Catie Cadge, Dean of Instruction


Welcome once again to the FCEA! We hope to build a loving and warm learning community, one that is based upon a solid foundation of good, honest hard work and effort. Every good school of padawans worthy of the name “council of wizards” needs a helpful code of conduct to follow.

“Character is tested when we are up against it. “

Please read these simple rules, follow them whenever and wherever possible, and we will be on our way to becoming a family of learners, apprentices and craftspeople, masters in training, of evolutionary astrology using the Steven Forrest Method!


  • Contribute to a positive, collaborative learning environment online by being open and receptive to the ideas and opinions of others.  It is ok to disagree with a concept, but please be respectful of the ideas of others.
  • Welcome one another to class and encourage others through supportive dialog. If you have critical insights into the work of another, offer positive feedback, if at all possible, as well.
  • Follow the Steven Forrest Method in ALL school discussions, assignments and activities. For example, use only the Mean node and Placidus house system.
  • Keep personal comments brief and make sure they are relevant to class content. Please be respectful of your privacy and the privacy of others. It is fine to refer to your own birthchart and/or personal experience, but please be aware of the trap of sharing too much. Be sensitive, as well, to the personal sharing of others.
  • Be prepared when responding to class discussions and assignments by completing assigned reading, handouts and/or watching videos and webinars. Readings complement the material we cover in class. 
  • Don’t cheat! This one is probably a given since apprentices want to learn. Still, ask for help rather than cut corners. We are here for you!
  • Please be kind, patient and supportive when working with any FCEA staff, the registrar, and administrators. We are all one tribe.
  • Have FUN while putting in the hard work and study. Embrace Jupiter as well as Saturn! The best learning happens when we dance between the two. Wisdom and knowledge take time, patience and commitment – and a whole lot of love!