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So You Want to be an Astrologer.

Good choice! It is a good life. But of course it is not the life for everyone. Just as it would be cruel to encourage a tone-deaf person to pursue a career as an opera singer, we need to recognize that certain inborn traits need to be present in anyone if he or she is going to find happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity as an evolutionary astrologer.

Let’s explore these qualities, in no particular order. If you’ve got these bases covered, welcome to the Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology. We can take you right to the finish line. If you lack any single one of them, making it as an astrological professional will be tough – but let’s underscore that anyone who is drawn to this work simply out of interest or for reasons purely of personal growth is very welcome to come along for the ride.

  • Intelligence. Learning to be a competent practitioner of evolutionary astrology is a serious commitment. It is analogous to attending medical school or becoming a trained mental health professional. Bring your brains – you will need them!
  • Self-discipline. Again, this study is a serious, long-term undertaking. Beyond that, a professional astrologer, like any other self-employed person, has to be a self-starter. If you need someone else to get you out of bed in the morning, this path is not for you.
  • Language skills. Some highly intelligent or very loving people are simply not very verbal. That’s a disaster if you are an astrologer – like trying to be a basketball player if you are notably short of stature. Astrology is a verbal art. That is how we build the bridge between the symbols and our clients. You’ve got to be a good talker – and a good listener too. 
  • Loving Kindness. People sense it, or its absence. They come to you for insight, but sometimes those insights are difficult to digest. Clients are in vulnerable positions. You’ve got to care about them. You’ve got to radiate interest, supportiveness, and faith in them. And you have got to do it day after day. Many truly good people simply cannot take the endless diet of pain,tragedy, and complaint that is the daily fare of any counselor.
  • A Thick Skin. This is becoming less and less relevant as astrology’s star rises, but an astrologer still oten encounters prejudice and judgment in the streets of the world. If you are desperate for universal approval, this is probably still the wrong field for you.
  • Wisdom. That one is hard to define and cannot be taught, only earned. Even though it is a slippery subject to pin down, the simple truth is that we all know it when we see it. The more wisdom you have, the better an astrologer you will be. Balancing all that is another reality: the wisest astrologer draws the wisest clients. The less-wise one draws less-wise clients. Astrologers and their clients seem to find each other. Call it synchronicity or call it magic, but there is an astrologer for everyone. You don’t have to be a saint to be successful in this field.
  • Sanity. If you were abused by a tyrannical father growing up, you are in danger of projecting the resultant anger onto any strong-willed or opinionated client. If you are sexually unsatisfied, sexually attractive clients are likely to be in some peril around you. 

We are all a little crazy –  welcome to the planet Earth. But an ongoing commitment to working on yourself is mission-critical in any astrological practice.

Those are the seven traits we would most like to see in anyone aspiring to become a professional astrologer. If you have them, even in some modicum, we hope that you will take the FCEA course right to their limit, and so become a spiritual lighthouse in your community.

Watch this 17-minute video Steven created emphasizing not only the joys, but also the practical viability, of pursuing astrology as a professional path.